Top 20 MedTech Startup Companies in Africa


MedTech Startups

MedTech startups are companies that primarily focus on developing and bringing innovative medical technologies to the healthcare sector. These startups intend to address healthcare challenges by building solutions such as medical hardware devices, software, diagnostics, or other technologies that enhance patient care, improve medical processes, or offer new innovative approaches to healthcare services delivery.

The importance of MedTech startups in healthcare delivery and the economy in Africa can’t be over-emphasized

MedTech enhances diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. It plays a crucial role in efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility, healthcare delivery, leading to quicker interventions and better outcomes. Technologies like telemedicine, wearable devices, and AI-driven diagnostics contribute to preventive care and personalized treatment plans, ultimately improving overall healthcare delivery.

MedTech Startups Funding in Africa

MedTech startups often navigate regulatory processes, seek funding, collaborate with healthcare professionals, and work towards commercializing their products to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

The MedTech startup industry in Africa is huge and it’s attracting investments by the day. The industry has so far received over $242.9m. Available records show that there are a total of 114 medical technology startup companies in Africa

Here we have reviewed top 20 leading MedTech companies in Africa.

  • Hygeia HMO
  • Helium
  • Africa Health Holdings Ltd
  • AfyA Care
  • Contro
  • Rocket Health
  • Remedial Health
  • Chefaa
  • Jamii Africa
  • BioCertica
  • Ubenwa Health
  • 07 Therapy
  • Healthtracka
  • Gricd
  • International Clinical Laboratories ICL
  • Afya Rekod
  • IndyGeneUS AI
  • Esaal
  • Envisionit Deep AI
  • Byon8

Hygeia HMO

Founded in 1984, Hygeia HMO is a medtech startup providing integrated healthcare solutions in West African countries.

As of the Last round, the company has raised about $66.8 million in venture capital. This places it as the largest MedTech startup in Africa

Helium Health

Helium Health provides digital tools and facilitates financing thereby enabling healthcare providers and decision makers to provide quality healthcare services to everyday Africans.

Helium Health which was established in 2015 is revolutionizing Africa’s healthcare system through technology.

Helium Health is the second largest Africa’s MedTech startup company with $42.2 million capital

Helium Health has provided up to $3m in loans to healthcare institutions.

Africa Health Holdings Limited

Africa Health Holdings Limited is a medical technology company building a high-quality, effective, and sustainable healthcare system for Africa leveraging technological innovations. Established in 2017, Africa Health Holdings Ltd has received $42 million in funding in convertible notes.

Remedial Health

Remedial Health is a health-tech startup developing technological solutions for the pharmaceutical sector in Africa. The solutions make procurement and pharmacy operations easy for healthcare services.

Founded in 2019 Remedial Health has built trust as it’s used by over 100 pharmacies, patent stores, and hospitals.

As of the last round of Series A, Remedial Health has raised over $17.6 million in capital

AfyA Care

AfyA Care is a Nigerian-based healthcare tech company providing integrated hospital care, health insurance, and health. AfyA is one of the top MedTech startups in Nigeria and by extension in Africa

The startup which was founded in 2019 has raised a total of $6 million in funding.


Contro is an online platform that provides prescription and delivery services for sexual health and confidence products in Africa established in 2020

The company has so far raised $5.7 million funds through grant

Rocket Health

Rocket Health Revolutionizing healthcare Uganda through technology. Some of its services include remote doctor consultation, access to pharmacy, vaccination, laboratory services, and many more. You can access these services by simply dialing USSD Code *280#. Users can dial *280*6# on their mobile phone to create a Rocket Health Wallet.

Established in 2012, Rocket Health has raised a total $5 million in Series A


Chefaa is an Egyptian MedTech that builds a platform for medical supplies delivery from the nearest pharmacy to the customer according to GPS location.

Chefaa has received a total of $4.33 million in venture capital

Jamii Africa

Jamii Africa is a medtech startup that provides mobile-based Micro-Health Insurance products to the low-income population.

As the fastest-growing digital solutions provider in healthcare services, its major clients include Government agencies, healthcare institutions, Enterprises, Telecommunications companies, and individuals. Established in 2012 Jamii Africa currently has over 8 million subscribers in Tanzania, and it has a vision to expand to the whole of Africa.

Jamii Africa has raised $2,8 million in venture capital.

Ubenwa Health

Ubenwa Health is a MedTech startup building the future of automated sound-based medical diagnostics in Africa The company is developing  the first technology for rapid detection of neurological conditions in infants using only their cry sounds. Headquartered in Nigeria, Ubenwa operates in Egypt, Uganda, Kenya and still expanding its presence.

Established in 2017, Ubenwa has raised $2.5 million in seed capital

International Clinical Laboratories ICL

International Clinical Laboratories ICL is one the earliest MedTech solutions providers in Africa. Established in 2004, the company offers world-class laboratory services in Ethiopia.

ICL is the only laboratory in Africa to be accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). It is a partner to both Bioscentia and LabCorp. It has raised about $2.5 capital The fund enabled the company to implement an ERP system and open one of Africa’s most advanced pathology departments.


BioCertica is a biotechnology startup that combines advanced genetic testing with encryption technology to develop the first digital biobank in Africa

Founded in 2019, BioCeetica has raised $2.25 in seed

07 Therapy

07 Therapy is an online therapy platform. The platform aims at bridging the gap in mental healthcare in Arab speaking countries.. You can easily book consultation and therapy sessions online and get real-time services. 


Established in 2017 in Sweden, BYON8 is a healthcare tech company poised to make high-quality health easily accessible, and affordable by digitalizing the healthcare processes on an individual level in Africa. The BYON8 App launched in 2020 makes it easier for individuals to book online medical consultations.

The company has so far raised a total of $2 million in Seed capital.

Afya Rekod

AfyaRekod is a digital health data platform that provides EMR that allows healthcare facilities to capture, store, and have real-time access to the patient's health information.

Afya Rekod helps patients become more conscious  of their health and take proactive action to improve on it, through daily record keeping of their health status appointments with doctors, and other healthcare service providers.

Has raised $2 million in Seed capital


Figorr is a Nigerian startup that provides tech-integrated services to solve healthcare problems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Formerly Gricd, Figorr provides solutions to other areas such as Agriculture, Logistics, and Insurance.

Founded in 2017, Figorr has raised up to $1.92 million in Seed capital.

IndyGeneUS AI

IndyDeneUS AI is a US-based medtech startup that is building the largest blockchain encrypted repository of local and diasporic African clinical and multi-omics to solve the problems of disease prevention, diagnosis, drug development, clinical disease management, and quality health service delivery. 

The pan-African Bioinformatics startup was established in 2020 and has raised $1.75 million in capital through grants.

Envisionit Deep AI

Envisionit Deep AI is an innovative MedTech company that builds AI that helps to streamline & improve medical imaging diagnosis for radiology in Africa

Established in 2019, Envisionit Deep AI has raised about $1.7 million in seed capital.


Esaal is said to be the largest online health and wellness consultation platform in the MENA Region.

It has raised a total of $1.7 million in seed capital since 2018.


Healthtracka is a medical technology company that offers laboratory solutions. The company’s digital solutions make lab testing easy and convenient with at-home sample collection and digital results in 1-3days

Last round

The company has received Seed capital worth

$1.5 million since 2021 it was established.



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