List of Automotive Startup Companies in Nigeria


Automotive Startups in Nigeria

Some startups are beginning to introduce technology-based solutions to redefine the automotive industry landscape aimed at solving the transportation problem facing the country. The industry is attracting large investments as the market is so large. The population of Nigeria is over 220 million people with over 12 million registered vehicles, is undoubtedly a viable and large market for consistent demand for efficient automobile supply, maintenance repair, and transport services. Disclosed investments in Nigeria's Autotech amount to about $33.6 million.

These startups offer a wide range of solutions such as automobile supply, maintenance, repair, auto insurance, and transport services. 

JET Motor Company


Mecho Autotech





Nord Motors

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing 

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is the pioneer in indigenous vehicle manufacturing. Innoson Motors is the first Made-in-Africa automobile brand. Innoson has a wide range of brands such as MPVs, SUVs, PickUps, as well as military vehicles.

Autochek Africa

Autochek Africa is a leading automotive technology startup transforming automotive buying and selling in Nigeria. Some of its services include an online platform for listing and selling both new and used cars, providing car loans, Car4Cash. You can also become a car agent on the platform.

Founded in 2011, Autochek Africa operates in many other African countries including Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, etc with more than 500 service  centres

The company focuses on providing solutions that improve access to Auto loans, quality maintenance / after-sales services, warranty solutions, and transactional marketplaces.

Autochek has received funding of up to $16.5 million in Seed Capital.

Nord Automobiles

Nord Automobiles is another Nigerian indigenous automotive manufacturer. The company says it is determined to flood the Nigerian market with made-in-Nigeria automobile brands.

Nord Motors has expertise in vehicle manufacturing value chain – the design, sourcing, development, assembling, distribution, marketing, provision of sales, and after-sales service of our unique Nigerian branded automobiles.

Nord Automobiles has a wide range of vehicles which include the Nord A5 SUV, Nord A7 SUV Nord Tank, Nord Tusk, Nord A3 Sedan,  Nord Yarn, Nord Tripper, Nord Max, Nord Flit, Nord Lasgi,

JET Motor Company

The Jet Motor Company is a Nigerian automotive manufacturer determined to provide the Nigerian and African automobile markets with affordable and eco-friendly transportation options.

The company is ensuring the use of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to manufacture vehicles that are suitable for African roads.

Jet Motors' electric vehicles brand has a wide range including ambulances, military vehicles, and delivery vans.

Founded in 2017, Jet Motor Company has raised $9 million in venture capital as of the last round.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility and are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact. At Jet, we have implemented several eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing process, such as using renewable energy sources, recycling materials, and reducing waste.


Car45 is an automotive startup that provides an online platform for buying, selling, and swapping used cars in Nigeria. Car45 also offers car loans and easy-buy options so you do not need to break the bank to own a car.

Founded in 2016, Car45 has raised  $5 million in capital in the last round of Series A.

Mecho Autotech

Mecho Autotech is a Nigerian that provides solutions for auto repair and maintenance for individuals and businesses in Africa. Mech Autotech solution, you can easily connect with vetted technicians, and spare parts vendors, track your car expenses and  maintenance history

Founded in 2021, Mecho Autotech raised seed capital of $2.3 million


Fixit45 is an auto-tech startup that offers solutions for efficient vehicle maintenance. Its services include parts replacement, vehicle inspection, wheel and tyre services, engine services, battery and electrical, and much more

For over 3 years since and it was founded, Fixit45 has established an efficient network of over 300 operational centres in different  Nigerian cities; through innovative online-to-offline platforms and strategic partnerships with over 1,200 spare parts manufacturers, distributors, dealers, provides services to more than 40,000 clients across Nigeria. and retailers,

Fixit45 partners with top auto brands in Nigeria such as Toyota, Mitsubishi,  Hyundai, Ford, Jeep, GAC Motors, Mikano, Honda, Nissan,

Founded in 2021, Fixit45 has so far raised $1.9 million in Pre-seed funding


Parkit is a tech startup that leverages technology to provide solutions that simplify car wash and repair services in Africa. It was established in 2018.


Auto9ja is an automotive startup that is building solutions for used car retailing in Nigeria. Auto9ja uses its platform to help bring the tire car buying process – buying, financing, and selling – online in an easy, transparent, and affordable seamlessly. Founded in 2016, Auto9ja offers high-quality, refurbished, pre-owned vehicles with free nationwide delivery.

The company is based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State


CARvity is an Automotive solutions provider that delivers quality car accessories to customers' doorsteps, via our e-commerce site, at competitive prices and with free inserts of great car culture tips accompanying every delivery.

Quadcycle Automobile

Quadcycle Automobile is an automotive startup that provides electric vehicles and solar-powered charging stations.

Quadcycle is determined to offer an electrified transportation network as a cheaper alternative and would cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria.

The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Abuja

Ladipo E-hub

An e-commerce hub that replicates the popular Ladipo Autoparts Market in Lagos Nigeria.

The company which was established in 2011 and is still at As a company at the accelerator stage, we set out in the year 2011 to resolve the anti-social menace caused by physical Ladipo Market (the biggest auto part market in Sub-Saharan Africa) outgrowing her geographical boundaries. And two, to give the teeming buyers at the market a healthier choice. The purpose was to redesign the commercial activity of this enormous auto parts market electronically. 

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