Top 10 Solar Battery Brands in Nigeria


For decades now, one of the major challenges facing Nigerians and Nigerian businesses is the inadequate electric power supply. This has seen many Nigerians and businesses their own energy through alternative means. The most common alternative source of power by Nigerians is the use of generators. The use of generators causes more harm than it seeks to solve. To combat the prevalent cases of epileptic power supply in Nigeria and to save our ecosystem, solar energy is the way to go.

Why You Should Use Solar Energy

 It’s Good for the Environment

One of the advantages of solar energy against conventional electricity is that solar energy does not use fossil fuels, does not pollute air or water, and does not contribute to global warming. Solar energy is a natural energy, while conventional electricity depletes or harms natural resources. 

It’s a Reliable Source of Energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy. There is a guarantee that there will be sunlight each providing a regular energy source. This therefore makes solar energy highly reliable.

It is a Cost-Effective Source of Energy

As a natural resource of energy,  sunlight is a free gift of nature. There is only a one-time solar equipment installation cost, unlike fossil fuels that are so expensive to mine and buy coupled with costs of purchasing and maintaining power generating sets.

The use of Solar Energy will  Save You Money in the Long Run

What people fear most about the use of solar energy systems is the initial cost of installation of solar electric systems. But this one-time cost is much cheaper when compared with the cost of conventional electricity in the long run. Moreover, the cost of solar power equipment installation has been reduced in recent times, making it affordable to many.

Job Creation and Economic Growth

The more the solar energy industry gets patronage, the more it creates jobs, which in turn expands national economic growth.

It Promotes Energy Independence

Although the majority of the Nigerian population doesn’t rely on the national power grid, solar energy promotes reliable energy independence in the country. It protects users against epileptic power supply from the national grid and incessant tariff increments, estimated billing; as well as high cost of fuel to power generators.

With the use of solar energy, you are sure of an independent constant power supply in your homes and workplace

Therefore there is a need to use quality solar battery systems to achieve the best.

Here are the top 10 solar battery brands in Nigeria

  • BYD
  • Quanta
  • Luminous
  • Growatt
  • Prag Tubular
  • Jinko Solar
  • Amaron Quanta Batteries
  • Felicity Solar
  • Pylon-tech
  • Rita Inverter Batteries


BYD, one of the leading  energy storage companies in the world, provides advanced lithium-ion batteries designed to enhance energy efficiency and system reliability. BYD batteries boast excellent cycle life, high energy density, and reliable performance. BYD batteries are built with safety features and compatibility with various solar systems, making them a household choice in Nigeria

Owing to their batteries quality BYD batteries are relatively expensive. They cost  between N945,000 for 2.5kWh to NGN 7,000,000 for 15.4kWh.

Battery Types: Lithium Ion
Price per KwH: N490,000
Price Range: 10kWh Price: N4,900,000

Note: You can get the batteries at lower or higher prices from the dealers.


Pylon-tech offers lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The long lifespan, superior thermal stability, and high energy density Pylon-tech batteries make them stand out. Pylon-tech batteries  deliver consistent efficient performance. With advanced management systems and a modular design, Pylon-tech batteries offer flexibility and scalability for different energy storage requirements.

Pylon-tech batteries long lifespan, superior thermal stability make them a go-for among many Nigerian homes and businesses, although, it’s relatively costly scarce
Pylon-tech battery in Nigeria costs  NGN 1,140,000 for 2.4kWh to NGN2,280,000 for 4.8kWh on average.

Battery Types: lithium ion phosphate
Price per KwH: N475,000
Price Range: 10kWh: N4,750,000

Amaron Quanta Batteries

Amaron battery, manufactured in India by Amara Raja is one the  batteries that provide world-class efficiency and durability in energy storage industry

Over the years the company has maintained the act of giving the best products while also serving as life support for their users in all works of life


Growatt, a leading solar inverters and energy storage solutions provider, offers lithium-ion batteries that are designed to provide efficient self-consumption solar energy, reducing dependence on the national grid. Growatt batteries offers features for optimized charging and discharging, ensuring maximum efficiency and durbilty. The Growatt battery costs in Nigeria can range from N940,000 for 3.3Kwh to N1,850,000 for 4.8kWh. Battery Types: Lithium Ion
Price per Kwh: 400,000
Price Range: 10Kwh Price: 4,000,000


Luminous is a popular solar battery brand in Nigeria. It has a wide range of lead-acid batteries for energy storage to offer Nigerians self-supplied energy to reduce dependency on the unstable national grid. Although these batteries have low energy density, they deliver efficient power backup and are compatible with various solar inverters, making them a popular choice among Nigerian consumers.
The cost of a Luminous battery in Nigeria can be N143,000 for  2.4kWh battery and N195,000 for its 2.64kWh battery. 
Battery Types: Lead Acid
Price per Kwh: N73,864
Price Range: 10KWh Price: N740,000


Eastman is a popular brand of solar batteries in Nigeria that specializes in lead-acid batteries. Eastman lead-acid batteries are known for good performance in terms of deep cycling capabilities, are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and are relatively cheap when compared with many others. The cost of an Eastman battery in Nigeria is NGN 136,000 -NGN 155,000 for their 2.4kWh dry cell battery and NGN 200,000 – NGN 220,000 for their 2.4kWh Tubular battery. Battery Types: Lead Acid
Price per Kwh: 60,500 (dry cell) / 103,000 (tubular)
Price Range: 10Kwh Price: 605,000 (dry cell) / 1,030,000 (tubular)

Felicity Solar

Felicity Solar is a well-known brand in Nigeria's solar energy market, offering solar battery varieties, including high-performance lithium-ion batteries and dependable lead-acid batteries. While some people prefer lithium-ion batteries for their exceptional energy density and long cycle life, others choose lead-acid batteries for providing reliable backup power with their own unique set of specifications. Both options seamlessly integrate into new or existing solar systems, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply, so whatever your need is, Felicity Solar got you covered. Felicity Solar batteries also have intelligent protection systems that guard against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, further enhancing the safety and durability of the batteries. Felicity Solar battery is relatively in Nigeria and costs between N165,000 for 2.4kWh for its lead acid batteries to  N2,150,000 for 15kWh for its lithium-ion batteries. 
Battery Types: Lithium Ion and Lead Acid
Price per Kwh: N143,300 (lithium-ion) / N86,250 (lead-acid)
Price Range: 10kWh Price: 1,433,000 (lithium-ion) / 825,500 (lead-acid)

Rita Inverter Batteries

Rita Batteries is a trusted brand for its high-quality solar battery manufacturing.

Rita Inverter Batteries offers a wide range of options such as Lead Carbon, OPzV, AGM, to ensure a efficient performance for steady power supply

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a popular solar panel and high-quality lithium-ion batteries manufacturer. The batteries are built to provide reliable energy storage solutions. Jinko Solar batteries offer efficient energy utilization and are built to withstand harsh operating conditions. The cost of a Jinko Solar battery in Nigeria can range from NGN 900,000 for 2.4kWh to NGN 4,500,000 for a combined 10kWh. Battery Types: Lithium Ion
Price per KwH: N450,000
Price Range: 10kWh Price: 4,500,000


Quanta is a lead-acid battery brand that offers efficient energy storage and reliable power alternative solutions. Quanta batteries have deep discharge capacities and superior life, making them suitable for solar applications at homes and offices. The prices of a Quanta Solar battery in Nigeria range from NGN 173,000 for its 1.8kWh to NGN 280,000 for its 2.4kWh. Battery Types: Lead Acid
Price per KwH: 90,000
Price Range: 10kWh Price: 760,000

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