Top 10 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software Systems


Top EMR Software Systems

Managing patients records on paper manually is hectic, time consuming, leads to delayed healthcare delivery, and may lead to prescription and administration of wrong medication to patients. Internet of Things has made patient records and scheduling seamless. To optimize hospital operations, there’s need to adopt electric medical record (EMR) software irrespective of the size of your hospital/clinic.

There are notably many electronic medical record, EMR software out there but choosing the right one for your hospital or clinic is not easy task.

In this article we have listed and reviewed some of the best EMR software systems.

Why You Need the Best Electronic Medical Record Software?

A digital, searchable, and regularly accessible information about each patient can enable healthcare providers to make the best healthcare decisions for their patients in the shortest amount of time possible, and enhance healthcare services delivery.

The safety of sensitive patients data is important. Using the best EMR systems guarantees the safety of the data, while also making it easily accessible to the people who need it.

It as well leads to more efficient billing system.

As a business, our aim is to help you find the right software to manage your hospital/clinic.

1 CareCloud

The CareCloud is also a web-based electronic medical records software that gives you the ability to determine how the patient flows through your hospital/clinic. This helps spot potential issues, making your processes more efficient in the process.

The interface is highly adaptable too. That’s perfect for the ever-changing world of laws and regulations.


Strong at tracking patient flow

Very competitive pricing

The up-to-date interface is easy to use

Regularly tweaked to match new healthcare regulations


Not recommended for large-sized hospital/clinic

2 NextGen Healthcare

NextGen is recommended for average and smaller-sized hospitals/clinics.

NextGen EMR software is extremely easy to use, you don’t need a tech staff for training and other services, the NextGen customer service and training capabilities are very active.

NextGen EMR is also very customizable. You’ll be able to customize their service to your hospital/clinic’s exact needs and specifications.


The system is easy to start using

Offers multiple customization options

Excellent customer service and training

Offers low priced tiers


Not powerful enough for large practices

Pricing: Contact for quotes and demo

3 MedEZ

MedEZ is an electronic health record (EHR) and billing suite suitable for most medical facilities, particularly behavioral health centers and substance abuse rehabilitation programs. On-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. MedEZ includes a daily scheduler and a "to do" task pad. It features single- and multiple-doctor scheduling screens, resource schedules, email and text notifications, a waiting list and group appointments.

MedEZ also offers HIPAA compliant patient records, documentation, practice management, a patient portal and billing. Users can take clinical notes and record billing codes. Document and DICOM image management tools are also included, as well as a module to retrieve and store lab results and a pharmacy module that includes pharmacy inventory management.

MedEZ billing allows users to create hard-copy and electronic claims in CMS1500 and CMS1450 formats. Users can manage co-pays, deductibles and adjustments. Revenue cycle management, claim tracking, utilization review and cost reporting tools are also included.

4 CareLogic

CareLogic is a web-based electronic health records software designed specifically for mental health and human services organizations. It is configurable and empowers healthcare service providers with a suite of clinical, administrative, and financial capabilities

5 Healow

Healow is an online healthcare application from eClinicalWorks. It performs a multitude of functions for patients like scheduling visits, organizing prescriptions, monitoring health charts, telehealth services, and more. It administers accounts to help users manage healthcare for their families and close relatives. It is accessible on web browsers and mobile apps

Healthcare specialties have access to trend analysis, structured data capture, and customized documentation. It helps clinics monitor vital signs and patient activity in real-time by syncing home monitoring devices with their EHR system.

Benefits and Insights

Key differentiators & advantages of healow

Built for the Patient: Get access to its first-party telemedicine solution, patient scheduling, medical charting, medication management, and family healthcare administration.

Fully Mobile: Access important medical information, schedule appointments or monitor charts from anywhere using the mobile app. 

Saves Time: Save time by eliminating unnecessary lengthy phone calls and enabling instant scheduling. Patients won’t have to call to obtain access to lab results or medical records. 

Empowers Users: Get a complete, patient-accessible medical record, including lab results, medications, pre-existing conditions and doctor notes. Grant users access to medical history and charting information.

Industry Expertise

6 eClinicalWork

eClinicalWorks is a veteran of the digital medical industry. In business since 1999, the company has served numerous customers across the healthcare industry.

7 QGenda

QGenda is a cloud-based, automated physician scheduling software. It has a rules-based scheduling style that aims to provide transparency and optimize the scheduling process. It includes automated scheduling, requesting and swapping capabilities, a designated customer success consultant, and much more.

Additional functionalities include automated time and attendance, payroll integration, and centralized quick links and landing pages. It offers specialty-specific schedules and serves many types of medical facilities, from private groups to large health systems.

Benefits and Insights

Key differentiators & advantages of QGenda

Optimize Staffing: You can forecast staffing needs and ensure every shift is staffed correctly. This prevents exhausting any staff and making scheduling mistakes.

Streamline Schedule Communication: Your schedule is always the latest version and it is available to all employees, anywhere they have an internet connection. Color coding further simplifies reading the schedule. 

Integrate With Key Platforms: The platform can integrate with EMR systems, clinical communications, resident management, revenue cycle management, payroll, time and attendance systems, and more.

Save Time: You can build and optimize your schedule in minutes instead of days. The system lets you easily approve shift changes, which instantly reflect on the schedule for a real-time view.  

Stay Compliant: Customer data is kept in a certified data center. Industry best security standards ensure the protection of patients’ data and therefore support HIPAA compliance.

Improve Performance: An optimized schedule prevents fatigue and increases provider satisfaction, leading to better provider performance. 

Gain Real-Time Schedule Access: The mobile app ensures a current and accurate schedule will be available to all staff or providers at any time from any device.

Receive Ongoing Product Support: 24/7 customer service is available, and every customer is supplied with a designated consultant. Customer service consultants are assigned by specialty. 

Reduce Labor Expenses: You can avoid overtime and overstaffed situations requiring provider payouts or forced vacation. These scheduling mistakes are common, but schedule automation helps eliminate human error. 

8 Nextech

Industry Specialties: Medical (serves Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Orthopedics, and Medical Spa)

Nextech enables specialty practices to automate and streamline administrative processes and workflows. It aims to drive productivity and revenue while complying with laws to enhance the patient experience.

It offers several solutions, including EMR, practice management, revenue cycle management (RCM), patient engagement, and compliance. Key features include billing, automation, compliance, charting, and a patient portal.

Nextech is ranked #2 among all Patient Scheduling Software according to the latest available data collected by SelectHub. Find out who the leaders are with our In-Depth Report.

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