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What is Cloud Invoicing

Everything is going digital and E-commerce is rapidly dominating the retail industry as it uses technology to reach wider customers. More customers are willing to buy, making online billing necessary. This can only be possible with invoicing software solutions. Cloud invoicing software solutions stand out among online invoicing software solutions as they help businesses in decentralizing data warehousing, and you wouldn’t bother about data security. Also, cloud invoicing is flexible and cost-effective.

Cloud Invoicing makes businesses get paid faster and has their order fulfillment fully automatic.

Although there are many cloud invoicing apps that may look more similar than different, choosing one is not an easy task. There are several factors to consider before choosing the most-fitting app for your business.

Some of these software solutions are broad invoicing solutions that fit a general business model, while others are tailored to fit specific industries or vertical SaaS, one of the trends driving the SaaS landscape today. So if, for example, you’re into a subscription model, not a few apps cater to this specific billing model.

Some of the factors to consider that would influence your choice are:  Do you prefer user-friendliness to complex functions or a free plan over a premium plan? Do you like a standalone or a suite?

In all, what you would want is end-to-end accounting software with an invoicing feature built into it, so you can be able to track every money coming in and going out, and steady your cash flow.

The size of your business is also a factor to consider. A big enterprise would need a suite invoicing software, while a standalone app would be ideal for small businesses starting up.

Here we have compiled and reviewed the top 20 cloud invoicing software solutions good for your business.


Top 20 Cloud Invoicing Software


Zoho Books

Zoho Invoice

Sage 50Cloud

NetSuite ERP

QuickBooks Online

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Salesforce CPQ



Sage Intacct






Sage 50Cloud

The invoicing tool in Sage 50cloud falls under its accounting solution, which also includes inventory management, job costing, and payroll. The invoicing tool is built into even the most basic plan (~$340 per year), so you’d want to factor in your need for the other features if you want to maximize the app’s potential.

Sage 50 is known for its on-premise small business accounting. The “50cloud” edition brings the same features to the web to provide mobile access and flexibility to users.

The app lets you generate invoices and get paid fast by embedding pay buttons via Stripe and Paypal right inside your invoice. You also get a clear view of payments, as you feed the invoice into the accounting system.

Pre-built into the Sage 50 accounting system, it gives you an end-to-end solution, from receivables to accounting.

Integration with Stripe and Paypal lets you embed a pay button inside the invoice.

Transparent transaction fees care of Stripe and Paypal.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is actually the vendor’s app that helps sales teams configure and send price quotes. To send invoices, it has to be integrated with an add-on package, Salesforce Billing. The billing module pulls order details from CPQ, hence the latter is a must-have to enjoy the invoicing features of Salesforce.

With the setup out of the way, let’s take a closer look at Salesforce CPQ features. It can automate payments, capture the transactions for your books and map these data into an ERP record. This setup makes perfect sense when you are using Salesforce CRM, which includes features for your sales, marketing, ecommerce, and analytics.

For instance, you can closely tie order management (CPQ) to invoicing (Billing) and balance both records with greater accuracy and generate the details in a revenue recognition report. Leads from Salesforce CRM records can also be tracked with more visibility by matching them with the Billing’s transactional data.

Despite its robust features, Salesforce is ideal for small businesses. Its pricing starts from $25 for a small business package.

As part of the Salesforce system, Billing ensures tight consolidation of your data in CRM, order management, and invoicing.

It carries the brand weight of Salesforce, which is known for reliability and industry-leading innovations.

It is offered at flexible pricing based on specific solutions such as sales, service, and marketing.


Melio simplifies accounts payables and accounts receivables for small businesses. Entrepreneurs will find the app useful to speed up their payments or collections, relieve them of cumbersome invoice work and manage their cash flow.

AR features include branded invoicing, automatic reconciliations, online payments, and multiple-device access to help you track invoices.

On the other hand, the app allows for free bank transfers when paying invoices. Likewise, accounts payables get you to earn rewards for credit card payments (Melio accepts credit card transactions even if your vendor doesn’t).

Small businesses can also pay anyone, such as vendors and contractors, without requiring the recipient to open a Melio account. Furthermore, you can pay multiple bills at once instead of going over each invoice—a cumbersome process.

You can also split bills via different payment methods, so you get to stretch the cash flow. Or customize payment approval processes with permissions and roles, so you get visibility over all transactions and, generally, over your cash flow.

Other key Melio features include cross-border payments in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, as well as one-click utility payments like phone and telecom bills through Melio’s vendor database that includes Amex, AT&T, and First Progress.

QuickBooks users will be happy to know that Melio integrates with the ubiquitous accounting solutions for a two-way sync. In this way, all payments are recorded with transparency.

Melio pricing charges $0 for features, except for a transaction fee for credit card payments and international transfers.

Simple, easy-to-use features that will help you streamline payments and collections, helping your cash flow stay healthy..

Smooth integration with QuickBooks, a handy feature to help you auto-reconcile AR and AP and manage all transactions with visibility and transparency.

Zero cost on app features, save for transaction fees on credit cards and cross-border transactions.


FreeAgent is another accounting software for small businesses that helps you get paid faster, automate cumbersome billing tasks and, generally, keep your cash flow steady.

One thing that stands out with FreeAgent is this: you get unlimited users, clients, and projects at no extra charge. You only pay a universal monthly fee of $10, which scales to $20 after six months. You also get tax reporting in the plan.

You can choose to send professional-looking invoice templates or customize them, and send them as a PDF through email. The app also gives you an online payment option via PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless.

FreeAgent integrates with market-leading apps, including those for ecommerce, payment gateways, CRM, and compliance.

Unlimited users, clients and projects in one universal pricing.

Extensive integrations, including tax, compliance and forecasting.

Straightforward pricing, no hidden fees.


Xero is small business accounting software that includes invoicing in all its plans. The features are straightforward. Generate invoices from the Xero app or desktop or add new customers quickly to it. You can also customize the invoice with your logo, layout choice and messages. Or add more fields if need be.

For advance or late payments, you can set automatic email reminders. The app also lets you adjust to different payment terms such as credit/debit cards, direct debit and via Stripe. Customers can also click a “Pay now” button embedded in your invoice.

One strength of Xero is that it integrates with several key apps that you are likely using. These include Shopify, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts.

Xero pricing starts at $22 per month, which is enough for small businesses and the self-employed.

The app’s extensive integration with popular business and productivity apps, such as for ecommerece, emails, CRM and task management.

The embedded ‘Pay now’ button helps speed up payments.

Custom invoice fields allow you to add unique details to your billing.


Invoiced is an automated accounts receivable software that streamlines your AR process. It features dashboards and built-in reporting plus, it adapts to subscription billing that lets you forecast predictable revenue forecasting growth.

You also have at your fingertips mutli-channel reminders, which allow you to text or even snail mail clients, on top of email reminders. This way, you’ll have a sustained but paced strategy to remind clients without being annoying.

Likewise, a self-service payment portal gives clients a frictionless way to fulfill their payables. The portal accepts credit and debit cards, ACH, PayPal, and more.

Other key features include task management, payment portal messaging, and CRM.

Invoiced pricing is by quote. The package includes CRM, dashboard, multichannel collection, and a branded portal.

A self-service payment portal allows multiple ways to pay; it can be branded.

A built-in billing CRM helps you track payables, recurring billing, and late payments.

Multi-channel reminders that include postal and text messaging help you remind clients in different ways and avoid spamming one channel.


BigTime is a time, billing, and project management solution for professional services and consulting firms. It has an intuitive invoicing built into the software that is designed for projects but can be customized to your processes.

Aside from invoices, you get time tracking, expense tracking, project budgeting, business intelligence, and collaboration tools.

You can bill clients based on fixed or flexible fees. You can also configure the invoice to display expense receipts, time entry notes, tax rates, and other key details. A standard feature lets you white label the invoice, too.

BigTime integrates with QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and other popular accounting and business apps to streamline your AR workflow.

Pricing is on a per-user basis. You need to contact the vendor for the details.

A vertical solution aimed at professional services and consulting firms.

Flexible billing allows you to charge fixed or customized fees.

Integrated with time tracking, project budgeting, business intelligence and other key features for professional services.


HoneyBook is an app featuring business and productivity tools for small businesses. These include free invoicing templates that you can customize online or download as a PDF.

The free templates are enough to professionalize your billing with quality invoices. You can also custom-brand them at no cost. However, you should scale to paid plans if you want the full feature set of HoneyBook.

Paid plans start at $9 per month, which lets you access all its features. You get lead and project tracking to help you funnel clients down to invoicing. You also get to combine invoices with contracts and payments, which can help you speed up conversions.

Paid plans start at $9 per month, which lets you access all its features. You get lead and project tracking to help you funnel clients down to invoicing. You also get to combine invoices with contracts and payments, which can help you speed up conversions.

The app accepts major credit and debit cards and charges a fixed 3% fee for bank transfers.

Free invoice templates.

All-in-one business suite that includes lead & project tracking, client communication, and documentation on top of billing & invoicing.

Can combine invoices with contracts and receipts for a seamless billing process.


Harvest is a time-tracking app with invoicing, making it ideal for time-based billing. Consultants, service providers, and contractors working by the hour may find the app useful for transparent, fair invoicing.

With a simple three-step process, Harvest is one of the most intuitive, simple invoicing app around for its intended users. You track your time and expenses, pull the billable time and costs to create the invoice, and, via Stripe or PayPal, get paid fast.

Its integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero also means you get to update your books and account for all invoices.

There’s also a free plan for one seat and two projects. Pricing starts at $12 per seat per month for unlimited seats and projects.

Ideal for time-based billing.

A simple 1-2-3 process, from time tracking to online payment.

Has a freemium for individual contractors.

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