Best Free Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Are you looking for the best auto repair shop management POS?

NEXTAR Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Nextar is an automotive repair and services software system designed to help small and medium-sized businesses to simplify the way they run their businesses. Launched in 2001, Nextar POS has helped over 46,000 businesses to improve their business operations. It is free to use, and simple to install with a personalized free support system. It is a comprehensive auto repair shop management POS with the following modules and capabilities.

Workstation: Point of Sales, Auto Shop Manager, Customer Solutions, Advanced Reporting, Hardware Compatible, Multiple Service Terminals.

Workstation: Point of Sale


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Nextar POS is designed to help small and medium-sized auto repair shops better manage their mechanic shops in minutes. You can add unlimited products and services to the system, enter repair information into customer account history, record and identify individual transactions, add fees, set up payment methods, track cash flow and expenses, sales taxes, and much more in a clean and user-friendly interface.

Auto Shop Manager

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This module gives users the ability to create and add detailed information about products, services, and repairs to estimates and save them on the customer's account. 

Customer Solutions


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On the Custom Solutions feature, you can create a customer or business account with an identifier name, and add other specific information about the customers’ needs to help you satisfy their needs.

Advanced Reports


Nextar Auto POS allows users to use custom statistics and reports to better manage all aspects of your business. Get detailed insights on products, services, employee performance, etc

Hardware Compatible

You can scan auto parts and add them directly to service or sales orders. You can print tags for each product to keep them well-organized and enhance inventory management processes and the checkout process. It does not require any set-up or configuration to use this feature.

Multiple Service Terminals

Nxtar POS allows for multiple service channels

Are you just starting a brand new small business or you already have a big one with multiple service Terminals? Nextar POS is the best option for you.

Nextar POS is FREE Point of Sale Software used by over 50,000 small and medium-sized businesses around the world. See all other great features available. 

You can upgrade from free to premium to enjoy other advanced features that the free version does not offer.

You can start with a Free plan that has tech support and the most important features and go Premium as your business grows 

Support: Windows

Free Version: Available

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Click here to see prices for your country.

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