Latest WhatsApp Features Updates in 2022


WhatsApp is introducing new features as the instant messaging app keeps reinventing and re-innovating itself.

Latest WhatsApp Features in 2022

  • WhatsApp Cloud API
  • Voice note transcription
  • Photo notification
  • New search option in user profile
  • Video mute
  • Switching between phones (Switching from Android to iPhone)
  • Shops and bars on map

WhatsApp Cloud API

Recently WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Cloud API for business to allow businesses integrate third-party software app services to enhance their businesses.

As we know, Meta has launched WhatsApp Cloud API, which would give third-party service providers access to your data and that of your business customers.

API, which stands for Applications  Programming Interface is software interface that enables two applications to interact with each other. 

With WhatsApp Cloud API, businesses can integrate third-party apps such payment gateways, robo-advising, customer messaging, e-store etc.

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Switching Between Phones (Switching from Android to iPhone)

WhatsApp is adding the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer your files (chat history, videos, photos, and voice messages between Android phone and iPhone and still maintain end-to-end encryption. Last year, WhatsApp launched the ability to switch from iPhone to Android, and in 2022 it is adding switching from Android to iPhone feature also.

According to Founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, this feature is a “top requested feature” by users.

Accessing Account on Multiple Devices at Same Time

Users will be able to open their WhatsApp account on several devices simultaneously. This will enable one to talk to several mobiles same time.

Photo Notifications

The application will enable photo notifications. Presently, users can only see both the name of the contact and the preview of the message, but with the new updates, there will also be a photo of the contact and its text.

 Voice Note Transcription

Another profound update is that WhatsApp will begin to transcribe each word in the audio to save you the time of having to listen to lengthy voice notes. Many people are fond of sending voice notes as if they were podcasts, leaving the receivers with to burden of having to listen to them. This will definitely provide a relief.

Video Mute

New features will allow users to silence all multimedia contents. In essence, you can be able to watch video in silence.

Shops and Bars on Map

WhatsApp will begin to feature shops and bars so that little by little you will find your favorite stores and bars on the map of this messaging application. 

More updates are expected in the coming year.

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